Aristotle at Entrepreneurship@Cornell Celebration
The 2008 NAPLA Conference at Cornell University
It's Never Too Soon To Plan Your Career
Klia Ververidis Xanthopoulos, Esq.
Aristotle is proud to be a participant in the Entrepreneurship@Cornell 2008 Celebration. Entrepreneurship@Cornell is the milestone annual entrepreneurship event at Cornell University. Learn more about this special event here, and click on Goody Bag Participants to see us on page 5.
Law School Companion was featured as a participating enterprise also in the Cornell Chronicle on April 4th. To see this issue of the Chronicle, please click here. Go to page 16 to see our famous balsa flyer, set among an array of items representing a shining spectrum of creative entrepreneurship. Want to know what our model glider says on it? "Fly through Law School with"
Aristotle is proud to be attending the 36th Annual NAPLA Conference, the Northeast Association of Pre-Law Advisors Conference, taking place at beautiful Cornell University on June 11-14, 2008. Learn more about NAPLA at Building a successful career in law is something that often begins with a successful run in law school. Interestingly, there are many factors that cause a particular student to receive excellent grades in law school, but which if she or he applied the same principles to their business, the same principles might not apply. Some examples of these would be the kind of cramming that is sometimes the nature of study and exams for becoming an attorney. On the other hand, there are also many principles revolving around money, marketing, business management, recruiting, hiring, management of team members and more which are not taught well in law school. For the time being the major focus of many of the law schools remains focused on turning out graduates who can go on to become corporate attorneys at the large law firms and who can fight for the coveted positions at these prestigious law firms. Overlooked often are highly attractive positions that involve dedication, fulfillment and service such as in working as a successful and caring dallas bankruptcy lawyer. A successful career that is fulfilling, provides for you and your family and your needs is the goal. Review your options.
Aristotle at beloved Alma Mater, Cornell
Planning your legal career is one of the most valuable activities that you can spend your time on during law school. It is likely that you have already taken the first steps in planning your future career by deciding to attend law school, and perhaps you have decided which law school you will attend. However, what many first year students do not realize is that unlike undergraduate school, where career planning may not begin until the third or even fourth year, legal career planning should begin immediately upon arrival at law school. The sooner you start planning, the better your chances of obtaining the job of your dreams. (read more)
Law Firm Basics: Partners, Associates and Billable Hours
Richard Caira, Esq. and Jeffrey Powers, Esq.
Law firms are frequently what the general public (and prospective law students) picture when they think of practicing attorneys. Whether it is because of an individual student's desire to practice in a law firm, or because of the fact that firms generally are more likely to hire and train recent law school graduates, upon graduating from law school, a law student is likely to first practice in a law firm environment. (read more)